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First of all, #mystunnies will be your face’s new best friend, we are THE GO TO for sunglass accessories from L.A. Whether you live in a place thats sunshine all year long or not, we got you. Our wild range of stunnies feature the clear lenses, mirrored lenses and just plain classic black lenses.

These aren’t
sunglasses to protect your eyes

they’re a statement accessory to sit fashionably snug on that mug of yours. We at #mystunnies want to offer that sleek L.A look without paying insane prices. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy we also offer a subscription of two unreleased stunnies sent to your door monthly at the low price of 20 bucks.


At MyStunnies, we pride ourselves for being eco friendly.  Packaging using as little plastic as possible and all packed in recycled paper box. From the land of vegans, yoga and movie stars, #mystunnies created killer shades affordable to all.